WexEnergy WindowSkins®

Add value, save money, and increase energy
efficiency at the building envelope.

What exactly is a WindowSkin anyway?
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Raise Property Values

Raising your property values encourages banks to loan you more money on better terms. Banks look at cash flow, which you’ll improve by eliminating the hidden costs of drafty windows.

Lower Utility Bills

Lower your utility bills by reducing energy losses at the building envelope. WindowSkins® let you reclaim lost energy as you reduce the true costs of windows that leak profits.

Cut Turnover Costs

Cut your turnover costs by increasing occupant comfort. Satisfied tenants stay longer and complain less frequently, which saves you time and money.

Install with Ease

WindowSkins® are easy to install and maintain. You don’t need tools and there are no time-consuming certifications to take. WexEnergy will get your team up and running fast.