Harnessing Physics to Maximize SAVINGS AND Comfort

WindowSkin® is a completely transparent custom-fit window insulation system that easily mounts onto existing windows, upgrading energy efficiency and indoor comfort. The result is an easy and affordable way to make single-pane windows work like more efficient double-pane windows, or to make your existing double-pane windows work like triple-pane options.

The science behind WindowSkin is well known, yet our implementation is both elegant and unique. When WexEnergy WindowSkin panels are attached, a volume of air is trapped between your existing window and the panel. Like the gap between panes in a double-pane window (or the pockets of air in a down comforter), it is this layer of enclosed air – and its thickness in particular – that creates an insular barrier and improves the efficiency of the window.

WindowSkin is designed specifically to optimize the thickness of this enclosed layer of air, maximizing its thermal insulation properties. Plus, each super-lightweight WindowSkin is custom-manufactured to fit your window exactly, with a patented design that minimizes the possibility of air leakage, so you get to enjoy the benefits of an ideal thermal barrier, each and every time.

We guarantee the custom fit of your WindowSkin when you use WindoWare™, our highly accurate, patented software measuring tool which was developed by our sister company, WexEnergy Innovations LLC.

INDEPENDENT VALIDATION OF the Technology has been shown on single-pane and double-pane windows.

There’s never been an easier, more cost-effective option to quickly and efficiently upgrade all the windows in your home or building. WexEnergy’s WindowSkin delivers greater comfort and savings, by design.


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