One click – One pic.  Precise Window Measurement.

Getting accurate measurements can be a challenge. WindoWare™, makes it easy!

Window attachments and other window related products need accurate and precise measurements in order to deliver a properly sized product. Asking consumers to use a tape measure to obtain these measurements is fraught with problems, such as not measuring the correct dimension, incorrectly recording or transcribing the analog information, not providing the necessary precision, etc. Getting a professional to do the measurements is inconvenient and adds to the cost of the product.

Let’s say you have a pretty big window pane with a dimension of about 34 inches. WindoWare™ accurately measure window panes or frames this large (and larger!). Our margin of error is under ¼ inch1, well within the accuracy needed for many window related products. By comparison, state-of-the-art 3D camera measurements2 have an average error exceeding 1.5 inches for a 34-inch measurement.

You can trust WindoWare™ to obtain accurate measurements for you when you use our patented photographic software method.

 This method is far more sophisticated than existing measurement apps and is protected by six issued patents. Our digital image processing and software development experts, with decades of digital imaging experience, delivered the algorithm and software for automation of the measurements.  It’s as simple as printing out WexEnergy’s measuring target, adding a few neon-colored sticky notes to the target page, placing the target and sticky notes on your window and snapping the picture with your mobile device. This is how your window will look when you take your picture.

You’ll have these photos snapped and measurements done in less time than it takes to locate your measuring tape and record your measurements.

1 WexEnergy Innovations LLC internal testing. Based on 642 measurements of the window pane and inside frame dimensions.

2 K. Seshadrinathan, O. Nestares, Y. Wu, Accurate measurement of point to point distances in 3D camera images, IS&T International Symposium on Electronic Imaging 2017, Digital Photography and Mobile Imaging XIII, p. 20-25,,


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