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WHY CHOOSE WINDOWSKINS? instead of new double-pane windows?

Although double-pane windows are a more efficient insulator than WindowSkins®, their high cost makes them an unaffordable solution for many property owners. This is even more true for owners of homes with historically significant architecture. The return on investment for double-pane windows is over 35 years and often even higher.

At only 15% of the comparable cost, WindowSkins® are affordable, deliver value, improve comfort immediately.

And, with an estimated return on investment of between three and five years, remain a truly viable alternative.


How can I clean the insulation panel?
Use your favorite window cleaning solution preferably with a lint-free microfiber cloth.
Does dust collect in between the panel and window glass?

NO! That’s why we recommend that you clean your windows before mounting WindowSkins. We know you will want to enjoy the view.

Will I be able to see through my window?


Will I be able to open my window?
Yes, that’s one of the many advantages of using WexEnergy’s Window Insulation Panel.
Will I be able to use my existing window shades?
Yes, that’s one of the many advantages of using WexEnergy’s Window Insulation Panel.
Will my Window Insulation Panel yellow?

NO…because WindowSkins are mounted on the inside facing panel of your window. You can expect your WindowSkins to last over 15 years when mounted on South facing windows, 22+ years when mounted on East and West facing windows and nearly 50 years when mounted on North facing windows.

Will the tar and nicotine in cigarettes discolor my WindowSkin?

You can remove cigarette residue from  your WindowSkin® by  wetting a cleaning rag with rubbing alcohol and using it to wipe the WindowSkin clean.

Will permanent marker discolor my WindowSkin™?

You can remove permanent marker ink from your WindowSkin® by wetting a cleaning rag with rubbing alcohol and using it to wipe the WindowSkin clean.


What is the weight of an average WindowSkin™?

There is no average window size. Nevertheless, most WindowSkins weigh between .5 to 2.5 pounds.

Are WindowSkin’s childsafe?

WindowSkins are child resistant. They will not break or shatter like glass.

Will WindowSkin impede emergency exit?

Not if your window remains operable. If your window loses functionality during an emergency, your WindowSkin® can be easily lifted away from the window, or removed altogether, without tools.

Are WindowSkins flammable?

The primary material used for WindowSkin meets the requirements classification CC1 and flame spread not exceeding 75, in accordance with Section 2602 of the International Building Code® and ASTM D635 testing requirements. Further information is available upon request.


Can I open my windows when they are dressed in WindowSkins?

Yes. Just open your window as you normally would.


How long does it take to install WindowSkins on an average sized window?

We’ve invested time optimizing our fitting process to ensure we take as little time of yours. On average, it takes around five minutes to fit each WindowSkin.

Are they removable?

A WindowSkin installation is reversable. No special tools are required. Yet a child cannot remove the panel simply by pulling down.


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