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Let us know how you are reducing your plastic use!

Tell us what steps you’ve taken to raise environmental awareness in your home or at your business! Every action you take makes a difference, even baby steps.  It is our responsibility to reduce, reuse, and recycle in that order because every step you make toward a...

Green Tips: Greening Your Everyday Habits

There are many ways to incorporate a sustainable mindset in your everyday life: from transportation to what you purchase at the grocery store. One simple way to incorporate sustainability into your life is to decrease your coffee intake on the weekends. Production of...

Green Tips: Summer Barbecuing

Fire up the grill and be environmentally conscious! When buying a new grill consider propane. Propane grills produce three times less greenhouse gases than charcoal grills and are more efficient. Whether you are buying a new grill or want to try different food on the...

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