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What if the Planet Could Vote?

If the planet could vote, what would it be looking for in a 2020 presidential candidate? What qualities should we, as citizens concerned about climate change, be seeking in a candidate? Read one perspective on answers to these questions here. #WexEnergy #WindowSkin...

Green Tips: Staying Cool in the Summer

Be energy efficient by taking advantage of the summer! Line dry your clothes outside, use natural light coming through your windows, and consider using alternatives to air conditioning on milder summer days to reduce your energy bill. #WexEnergy #WindowSkin...

The U.S. Recycling System is Garbage

"We need to recycle better and recycle smarter. That means recycling only when the positive environmental impacts outweigh the negative." Because China is no longer taking recycling from the U.S., we need to change how the U.S. recycles at home. Be a part of the...

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