What is the first thing you notice when touring a new home, apartment, or office space? In most cases, it’s the amount of natural light in the room coming from…you guessed it, the windows. We don’t think about windows much. In fact, the better quality of the window, the more we forget it’s there. But we almost always notice when windows are poorly installed or of poor quality. That’s why window performance and aesthetics are so important. We want to feel comfortable next to them, see through them but not notice they’re there.

Windows are essential for a multitude of reasons. They can provide beneficial light, great views and access to fresh air. All things that make us more comfortable in the buildings we occupy. Sunlight helps boost serotonin in your brain; this chemical gives you more energy and keeps you calm, positive and focused. Looking out windows helps connect you to the outside world, plan what clothes to wear for your next adventure, say hello to a neighbor or just gain a focal point for daydreams.

As a ClimateTech company, we tend to think first about improving the energy performance of windows with our product WindowSkin®. But that’s only one part of the window equation. But we also need to consider the physical and mental effects of access to fresh air, natural light and comfort in the buildings we occupy.

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