Rachel Rosen, CEO & Co-Founder of WexEnergy discusses the importance of hardware solutions in achieving net-zero carbon emission goals.

The article Modernizing energy saving window retrofits” (page # 22 of 2021 Cleantech Innovation Paper) explains how WindowSkin® is a simple and affordable snap-on window insulation panel that reduces energy usage and carbon footprint for buildings.

WexEnergy was one of the featured companies in last year’s 2nd annual 2021 Cleantech Innovation Paper jointly produced by Credit Suisse and Dynamo Energy Hub.

This report features leaders across the energy ecosystem covering key achievements and trends in the industry. A key takeaway of this report highlights that there aren’t one or two simple solutions to carbon dioxide emissions. Rather, we will need multiple innovative solutions to achieve net-zero. The innovative companies highlighted in this paper are just a few that are working to bridge the gap between hardware and software solutions, financing, and policy to drive carbon reduction across all industries.

While renewable energy and electrified transport represent the largest cleantech investment themes and are fundamental to achieving climate goals, there is substantial opportunity in energy efficiency and technological innovation that will contribute to reduced emissions across sectors.”

WexEnergy was honored to take part in this year’s paper and sincerely thanks Dynamo Energy Hub & Credit Suisse for the opportunity to participate in this year’s presentation.

In conjunction with the report’s release, Dynamo partnered with Credit Suisse, held a virtual launch event wherein the leaders from the paper were able to speak on energy solutions. Check out the video below! The speakers included:

  • Kristin Babato, Co-Founder & President at Dynamo Energy Hub
  • Rachel Rosen, President, CEO & Co-Founder of WexEnergy
  • Rob Santangelo, Global Co-Head of Energy & Infrastructure at Credit Suisse
  • Danielle Johnson, Head of Venture Capital Coverage at Credit Suisse
  • Keith Kinch, Co-Founder and General Manager at BlocPower
  • Emily Chasan, Director of Communications at General Capital
  • Whitney Herdon, Associate Director at Rhodium Group
  • Luke Bolar, Managing Director of External Affairs at ClearPath
  • Lincoln Payton, CEO of ClearTrace
  • Tanguy Serra, President, and CFO at GoodLeap

The entire panel discussion is presented here. Kristin Barbato’s panel discussion with Rachel Rosen, Keith Kinch, Tanuy Serra, and Lincoln Payton begins at 23:30.