The future of renewable energy looks positive….at least to large corporations.

For example, GM plans to have 100% renewable energy across global operations by 2040, an accelerated target date from 2050 announced in February. Although, the COVID-19 pandemic may slow down project timelines, Miranda Ballentine, The Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance CEO says to “expect for company interests and commitments to clean energy to remain strong given they are tied to broader corporate energy goals and emissions reductions targets.” This is very good news for the future of renewable energy. In 2019 large energy buyers such as GM, Google and Microsoft purchased more than 9.33 gigawatts of renewable energy deals in 2019. Banks have even gotten in on the renewable energy action. Jigar Shah, co-founder of Generate Capital says that every bank he has spoken with looks at renewable energy financing as AAA rating.

With large corporations and banks setting the tone, will other smaller corporations and governments see renewable energy as a cost saver to business operations for a cleaner future? Let’s hope so.

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