Tell us what steps you’ve taken to raise environmental awareness in your home or at your business! Every action you take makes a difference, even baby steps. 

It is our responsibility to reduce, reuse, and recycle in that order because every step you make toward a more environmentally conscious world contributes to a more sustainable world. North America is the third largest producer of plastic waste producing at least 35 million tons annually. Plastic consumption is growing and polluting the environment and human lives. 

Use the following easy tips to reduce your plastic waste today! 

  • Planning a party? Use real plates and silverware when possible. Even using real plates and silverware for serving dishes will make a difference! 
  • Bring your morning coffee to work in a reusable travel mug. Paper to-go cups you receive at your favorite coffee shops are lined with plastic. These cups end up in landfills even if you place them in the recycling bin. Don’t be discouraged if you forget your travel mug one day, tomorrow is another day for you to remember! 
  • Avoid excessive plastic packaging. Buy loose fruits and vegetables from farmers markets and supermarkets to avoid food plastic packaging. When plastic containers can’t be avoided, return plastic fruit containers to farmers markets for farmers to reuse for packaging. 
  • Keep a set of reusable silverware at work, in your desk, or in your work bag so that you are never caught in a situation where you need to use plastic utensils.

Need a reminder of other ways to reduce plastic use? Visit our blog here and you can be part of the solution! 

Let us know how you are making an environmentally conscious change and you may be featured on our website, wexenergy.com!

Every day is Earth Day at WexEnergy!