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WexEnergy LLC has signed up as a supporter of Energy Efficiency Day 2019. Encourage your business, town, or city to support energy efficiency by proclaiming October 2, 2019 Energy Efficiency Day

Energy efficiency is an incredible way to save money, reduce your energy usage and cut your carbon emissions. It’s easy to take small steps towards a more energy efficient future. Join with us and the Energy Efficiency Day movement by incorporating energy efficiency practices into your household or business. Change your lights to LEDs, improve your home/office insulation, clean or replace filters in your home/office regularly, and if you have single pane or inefficient windows consider energy efficient solutions like the WindowSkin! WindowSkin cost effectively takes your single pane window to double pane efficiency. In Ithaca, the WindowSkin reduced the natural gas usage of a business by 13%! Learn more about how WindowSkins can increase your energy efficiency at wexenergy.com.