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WexEnergy has chosen Bo-Mer Plastics as its contract manufacturing partner. Bo-Mer is located in Upstate NY,  in Auburn, and has been in business for over 30 years. Bo-Mer manufactures for many Fortune 100 companies. WexEnergy is very excited to be working with Tom Herbert and his outstanding team.



  1. June, 2018. WexEnergy LLC names a finalist in the 76West Clean Energy Competition.

WexEnergy LLC was named a finalist in the 76West Clean Energy Competition. 76West is focused on growing entrepreneurs and attracting resources from the U.S. and around the world to build clean energy businesses and jobs in New York State’s Southern Tier region. Sponsored by NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research Authority), the 76West competition offers $20 million in prize money and support services, including a $1 million top prize.


WexEnergy is being recognized for its initial product offering, WindowSkin™, which improves the insulating properties of under-performing windows, increasing building energy efficiency 24/7 while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It’s an easy-to-implement solution that is highly efficient and surprisingly affordable.


“We’re very excited New York State has recognized our innovative technologies. We knew that our products had to be easy AND effective,” says Founder and CTO Ron Wexler, PhD. “Many solutions available today are too difficult, too expensive, or only fractionally more efficient. With WindowSkin™, we’ve developed a

product that addresses all these issues WITHOUT changing the view through the window.”


“The key is that every WindowSkin™ is an exact custom fit,” adds Rachel Rosen, President. “And with WindoWare™, getting accurate measurements is as easy as taking a picture with your smartphone.”  Each WindowSkin™ installation is projected to save ~26-99 lb. CO2/ year. At a 1% penetration level of the U.S.

Residential Building Market, that means an annual reduction of ~102,000 tons of CO2. Over the 20-year life of the product, that’s equivalent to 24 billion miles of driving.


NYSERDA’s mission is to fund clean energy, renewable energy, and reduce carbon footprint. NYSERDA and Gov. Cuomo have made improving energy efficiency a cornerstone of their goals, making WexEnergy’s WindowSkin™ product an ideal finalist for the 76West competition.