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WexEnergy presented its novel window insulation prototype at the ARPA-E Technology Showcase, which took place in Washington, D.C. from February 29 – March 2, 2016. Syracuse Center of Excellence for Environmental and Energy Systems, where WexEnergy is a Start-up Partner, invited WexEnergy to participate as part of its Showcase booth.

All Technology Showcase participants must be vetted and present a “transformational energy technology” to be admitted to the Innovation Summit Technology Showcase. The conference provided WexEnergy with access to industry experts, entrepreneurs, and government leaders

“This was a fantastic experience, allowing us to interact with leaders in the energy field,” said Dr. Ron Wexler, founder of WexEnergy. “Several companies at the summit expressed interest in WexEnergy’s technology.”

ARPA-E is a project of the United States Department of Energy modeled after the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Congress authorized the project in 2007 and allocated $400 million for it in 2009. ARPA-E has since funded over 400 energy technology projects, many of which have been used in successful private-sector applications.